The online editor for GTFS feeds.

GTFS Studio is on development, to learn about the latest updates visit the change log.

For feedback get in contact with our dev team by telegram.

For a static/realtime GTFS generation/maintenance service:

GeoData Global

Import KML shapes and stops

Import KML files for shapes and stops, to add new objects or replace outdated ones.

Edit routes and stops in a map

Manage shapes and stops visually, add, move or delete objects in the map

Use multiple map layers

Visualize your feed on top of Google Maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMaps, ArcGis, HERE, ...

Quicky edit details

Easily add any missing information, optional fields and edit your current data in tables

Validate and cleanup your data

We help you validate duplicates, orphans, invalid columns, required fields, restricted values...

Work on shared feeds

Work on multiple gtfs feeds shared to all the users in your group

Copy+Paste data in bulk

As simple as copy + paste, you can add your data from other sources with ease

Up-to-date specification

We keep our interface up to date to support the latests GTFS specification

References: Google GTFS Specification, GTFS Organization